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VII Americas Competitiveness Forum Trinidad and Tobago 2014
VII Americas Competitiveness Forum Trinidad and Tobago 2014
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All media representatives attending the VIII Americas Competitiveness Forum (ACF) 2014 must be registered and accredited by the VIII ACF Secretariat.  Registration fees for journalists covering the event are waived.  A personal, non-transferable identification pass will be issued to each person attending the VIII ACF.

This ID pass must be worn and visibly displayed at all times in order to access official VIII ACF sites.  The Main Accreditation Centre for the VIII ACF will be at Tower C, International Waterfront Centre in Port of Spain. Operations date will be announced at a later date.

Process for Registration and Accreditation

Journalists are required to provide detailed information on identity on the registration and accreditation form and submit a media credential letter from their organization, using the online registration and accreditation process at the official website:  localhost/register/staff-media-contractor-registration/  All information provided will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Pre-Registration for International Media

Once approval for accreditation has been granted, each international media representative must present himself/herself at the Airport Accreditation Centre at the Piarco International Airport to collect their accreditation badge.  International media persons must produce a valid form of identification, along with a copy of the registration confirmation letter from the VIII ACF Secretariat, in order to collect his/her VIII ACF ID badge.

The ID badges of media personnel registered as part of an official country delegation will be handed over to the VIII ACF assigned Liaison, who will meet the delegation upon arrival.

Pre-Registration Local Media

Local media houses are encouraged to do bulk collection – each local media house is asked to select an individual to collect on behalf of all persons from their respective organization.

A valid form of ID and a copy of a registration confirmation letter must be presented in order to collect the VIII ACF ID badges at the Main Accreditation Centre in Port of Spain.

Local media houses are allowed to register a maximum of five (5) media practitioners within its establishment and submit those names for registration and accreditation.

Due to space limitation at the conference venue, ‘Day Passes’ will be issued to the following local media:

  • Two  journalists and a camera person from each television media house;
  • Two journalists and a photographer from the news print media house;
  • One journalist from radio stations; and
  • One journalist for other publication.

Unregistered Media Personnel/Incomplete Media Registration and Accreditation Forms

International media representatives who have not previously registered or whose registration and accreditation application is incomplete, must present themselves at the Main Accreditation Centre in Port of Spain to complete the process.



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Americas Competitiveness Forum 2014
October 8 - 10, 2014. Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.