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Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
VII Americas Competitiveness Forum Trinidad and Tobago 2014
VII Americas Competitiveness Forum Trinidad and Tobago 2014
The Human Imagination at work - Driving Competitiveness, Powering Innovation
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The hotels indicated on the map are potential accommodation venues for the VIII ACF in 2014.  All hotels are within 5 minutes from the Hyatt Regency conference facility which is the main conference venue.

Arrival Information



Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago can explore the various shopping and financial facilities available upon arrival at the Piarco International Airport here:

Not sure of what items to pack for a visit or thinking of exporting goods and services to T&T?

A note to visitors defining personal effects and exemptions items for travel can be found here:

Please refer to Trinidad & Tobago’s general customs regulations here:

A more detailed set of guidelines can be found in our Customs and Excise Division here:

Ground Transport

Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago drive on the left side of the road.  The license plate format is in the form PBX 1234 and is displayed on both the front and back of vehicles. The first letter of the license plate gives you an idea about the purpose of the vehicles.

H for ‘Hire’ used by all registered taxis
P for ‘Private’ used for personal and family use
R for ‘Rental’ used for all registered rental vehicles
T for ‘Transport’ used for all vehicles registered for motor lorry or goods.

There are many ways to obtain transportation upon exiting our airport terminal.

Car Rentals

Auto Rentals 868-669-CARS*
Econo-Car Rentals Ltd 868-669-2342*
Europcar Trinidad & Tobago 868-621-2159
K.R.C AUTO RENTALS 868-662-8025
Hertz Car Rental 868-669-6239
Kalloo’s Rental & Taxi Services 868-669-5673
Signal Cars 868-800-CARS
Singh’s Auto Rentals Ltd 868-669-5417
Sue’s Auto Rentals Ltd. 868-669-3831
Thrifty Car Rental 868-669-0602

Bus Service

The following bus service is available from the Piarco International Airport to the Bus Terminal Hub in the City of Port of Spain

J137 – Port of Spain/Piarco

There are three (3) types of Buses:

1 International 1
1 International 2
1 Yutong

Fare: $3:00

Inter-Island Transit

Want to get most out of your visit to Trinidad and Tobago ?  Transit to our sister isle Tobago either via a flight from the Tobago Terminal at the Piarco International Airport or take the inter-island ferry!

Please visit here for more ground transport options

Exchange Rate$

Currency: The local currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar. US dollars are widely accepted at an approximate rate of TT $6 to US $1.

Traveller’s cheques and international credit cards are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and malls.
ATM machines are located at the airport, banks, malls, cities and towns.

Here are some frequently used rates of exchange:


Hotel Tax

A tax of 10% is standard to most hotels and guesthouses accommodation in T&T. In addition, hotels may add on their own service charges of an additional 10% – but this depends on the provider.

Service Charge

It is industry practice that 10 % service charge is added to restaurant bills.  This is independent of a tip or gratuity for waiters and service staff at the restaurant.

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a 15% tax added to goods and services. The prices displayed in stores usually include this tax, unless otherwise stated. Companies registered to charge VAT, must prominently display their Certificate of Registration. Further information on VAT is available from:



Chaconia Gold

Humming Bird Silver

Scarlet Ibis Bronze

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Americas Competitiveness Forum 2014
October 8 - 10, 2014. Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.